13 juni 2010

It´s much easier to talk here...

Detta inlägg är en översättning av Det är mkt enklare att snacka med alla här. Jag gjorde det lätt för mig och använde mig av Google Översätt, därav inte helt grammatsikt rätt :)

Inspired by IT mother's post , I just had to try Twiducate so I "borrowed" a class from another teacher. We had a mixture of TodaysMeet and Twitter in the class and it was a complete success. We started from a simple issue, which the students would answer, then they would comment on someone else's post, and finally they were free to write about just anything. The students were involved and realized that there were advantages to communicate in this new manner. Here are some reflections from the students:

• We can talk more easily instead of say something to the class.
• That you may say what you think.
• It is easier to talk to everyone here
• I think it's a great site = D
• It is easier to say something and it is more fun.
• You do not speak aloud.
• It is easier than talking to the class: D and you will get better answers.
• You can write down things here that you don´t dare say in class.
• It can be embarrassing to sit and talk in groups.
• It is easier to say what you think here than to say things aloud to the class.

It was interesting to see that the students could borrow ideas from each other - What do my friends say? What do they write about? While I could hear the bubbling of interest and curiosity from the students, I wondered why they think it´s so "scary" to talk with and view their friends. The reflections from the students show that it feels good for them to have their thoughts say in a more "anonymous" way. This means that we, who works in school, must find other ways to let students talk in smaller or larger groups.

Finally, my colleague was enthused when he saw how the students communicated and now he will sign up for his own account:) I also told him that he can use the Twiducate eg parent meetings.

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